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what is crowd control fence
2013-07-20 10:23:18

 what is crowd control fence


In high-traffic areas and on busy streets, big ceremony often look for ways to keep people safe from cars and vehicles. When major events like parades, concerts, or sporting events draw crowds, there is also often a need for designated pedestrian areas as a means of crowd control . Crowd control fence, as its name shows, is a popular way for these and other public events. A pedestrian barrier can effectively  keep people in a certain seperated area, and may take the form of a sidewalk, a viewing platform, or an organized line, or any device that aims to control the number of people in any one place.

The popular size of crowd control fence is about 1.1m, length can be 2.1m, 2.2m, 2.5m.  The feet of the crowd control fence have many style to choose from: fixed feet, removable feet, detached feet, flat feet, separated feet.  It's surface treatment can be hot dipped galvanized or pvc coated . 


crowd control barriers are very popular in the world, especially in Australian. It has become a effective to foster an ordered space where people and other events and activities can coexist.




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