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temporary fence:good choice for controlling the public at events
2013-07-11 19:06:09


 temporary fence:good choice for controlling the public at events


Temporary fencing services and height safety services are crucial for industries where injury is a constant risk. Employee and public safety is a priority for those in: mining, construction, civil, residential, government, industrial, commercial, maintenance or special events.


Portable, temporary fences used for high visibility markers, such as a bright orange variety that indicates the end of a safe skiing area, may be lightweight plastic and available in rolls to allow for easier transportation than panels. Heavy-duty steel temporary fencing panels may be used for security protection in military areas or at national conferences to keep the public and protesters out. Non-rusting finishes are often used on temporary fences to maintain their look in rainy or snowy weather.


Temporary fence can be divided into 3 categories: Australian temporary fence, Canada temporary fence, American fence. The Australian temporary fence is including welded wire fence with post fence and clamps. The popular mesh opening for the Australian fence is 50*100mm, 75*75mm. The height of Australian fence can be 2100*2400mm.Canada temporary fence has many colors to choose: yellow, grass green, dark green etc. With a middle pole, Canada temporary fence looks beautiful in structure. While American temporary fence panel is chain link fence. The popular size of it could be 70*70mm, 50*50mm.


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