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2013-06-01 10:55:41

We know how hard it can be to find a reliable, safe, and clean place to keep your canine companion. However if you find a right dog kennel for your dog, he or she will enjoy themselves very well. Here are some tips about dog kennel.

First of all, please do not put dog kennel on the ground directly.  If you have a kennel floor, like plastic or rubber, use the bleach and water mixture described above in a garden sprayer and spray the flooring weekly

Secondly, Please do not spray the bleach directly on the metal part of the kennel as this can cause your kennel to start rusting as chlorine is highly corrosive to metals! If the dog kennel have the surface treatment of hot dipped galvanized, it will last longer for sure.

Dog cage size can be various from 1m to 10m. Find a proper size for your dog, and clean the dog kennel regularly, your dog will be happier! 

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