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Why They Can Make Their Property Safety: Teach You Choose the Right Fence!
2013-03-25 11:19:45

     How to choose the right fence for your property is very important for an end customer. There are some tips for you about choosing the right fence. 


     For the diameter of bar: that depends how much strong you want the fence.Thinner diameter is surely cheaper version, but not be strong enough; while thicker version is of course strong enough, but the cost will high. So the best option will not make the fence strong enough to protect, but also economical. To protect poultry, livestock and beast, different fences strength are requested. For chicken, hexagonal wire netting with thinner wire is enough to protect;for livestock, the thickness of bar will be at least 4mm; for big beast,  it will need 6mm and even thicker.


    For the mesh opening of fence: that depends the animals. Small animals of course need small cell ( smaller than the size of animal). Because on the same thickness of bar, the bigger the mesh, the higher cost of fence. Improper size of cell maybe make the fence can not enclose the animal, or higher cost.


   For the height of fence: The height must be enough to prevent the animal enclosed from escaping. To protect chicken will be high enouth to prevent them from flying out of the fence; to protect dog will be high enough to prevent them from jumping out of the fence. Some fence is used in prison or national boundary is as usual 2.4m high, on the top fixed with razor barbed wire for anti-climp.


    Actually all of these will concern the type of fence. The wire diameter less than 2mm, hexgonal wire netting is most common used, such as for protecting chickens or hens, and this wire mesh, cell as usual is from 1/4"-1", the chicken surely can not escape. The wire diameter during 2-4mm, chain link fence and holland fence are most common used, such as chain link fence used on playground or oil field. And if  more than 4mm, panel fence is the best option. Its diameter can be from 4mm to even 8mm against request.


 If you are not sure what's your most proper fence, we absolutely can give you best suggestion to make you get the desired version.

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