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Why Anchor Pole Is the Best Option to Install Fence on Hard Grounds?
2013-03-26 12:56:12

      As long as we know, fence post, there are two connections with ground: one with base screwed to the ground by rivet, one without base need to drill holes on the ground. In some desiable environment, such as no wind or home inside, post with base is strong enough. But as most or outside places, installing fence, the installers must drill holes and bury 40-100cm to the underground(the length underground against the height of fence). Only in this way, the fence will be firmly fixed on the ground to prevent wind or any strong powers.


      But in some places, such as solid ground, frost ground, forest or along-river places, it is difficult to drill holes. But these places also need fence to protect.To solve this problem, so anchor pole was invented. For example, in Russia, there are a lot of frost places in the north, and in far-east, such as Sakhalin island and Kamchatka, there are a lot of solid terrain and rocky. There is no doubt that some Russian clients require fence, not only with posts, but also anchor poles.

        As for the specifications of anchor pole, there are many types and each type with different specifications. For the plate, there are round plates 300mm, 250mm, 220mm, 210, 160mm diameter, etc; squre plates 125x125mm, 130x130mm, 140x140mm, 150x150mm, 160x160mm, etc. The sizes of plates should be compliance to the diameter of screw anchors, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm, etc. And some anchor poles with U base, that depends on customers' requirements. For the length of anchor pole, it depends on the fence height, the length can be from 60cm - 300cm. Most common used on Russian market  is hot dipped galvanized finished, zinc coating minimum 70 microns.

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