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Things you should know about chain link fence
2013-06-08 10:37:36

 Chain link fences, whether the traditional hot-dipped galvanized or vinyl coated type, are an economical way to provide years of maintenance-free security

and access control. These types of fences are extremely versatile; they can be made in a variety of heights, and can handle anything from a simple boundary

marker for a homeowner to perimeter security (they can be topped with barb or razor wire) for commercial or industrial property. 

Chain-link has four elements: fabric, framework, fittings and gates. How you combine them makes all the difference. Each of these components are available

in a range of weights (gauges) and types of protective coatings. Providers can mix and match components in an effort to shave costs or differentiate their product.

 The most common coating is zinc (galvanized), but you'll also find chain-link components with vinyl or polyester color coatings in addition to zinc. These color

treatments enhance landscaping and blend naturally with trees, shrubs and bushes. They'll also give you even more protection against corrosion or rust.


Overall, chain link fences are the strong and have many styles to choose. It is one of the best choice to use for protection for playground and your house.

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