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2013-06-22 10:07:02

Firstly, you should knew how much weight the fence posts will need to support,and which material you want to use for your fence. Some fence posts will look better than others, but another type of post will be stronger than some of the more aesthetically pleasing ones. The strength of the fence post will be based on how big your fence is, what your intended use for the fence will be, and what other features will be included on your fence. Be sure to choose what type of fence posts you will use before you start building.


The most common fence post materials are wood, metal, and concrete. On smaller, picket-style fences, vinyl or plastic posts may be used as well, since picket fences are generally quite small and light weight. If the picket is built higher than four feet (1.2 meters), the posts will need to be made from a slightly more sturdy material such as wood. Any style of fence taller than that will generally need a stronger support than plastic or vinyl, as the height and weight of such a fence cannot be supported by somewhat flimsy plastic.


The most common post in wire mesh : round post, square post, peach post, y post, t post to choose .They are beautiful in structure and have a long life span. They are good choice to for you when you conside the post.

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