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Knowledge Greenhand must know: How to Quote 3D Fence Panel?
2013-03-25 12:00:02


3D fence differentiates from 2D panel. 2D means flat panel, it looks dull. While 3D fence panel, added strenthening rids, on the one hand, with high security 
function, the other, looks beautiful.

So results in the complex of 3D than 2D, when quote, we not only need to know the mesh size, wire diameter, total dimension, surface treatment, but also how many curves(bendings) on the panel and the cell on the curve. As usual, the European traditional 3D panel fence sizes are 630-2430mm
 height x 2500mmwidth, especially most common uesed types 1530/1730/2030mm. Cell on the curve is 100mm.
But different customers, different requirements.
 200mm cell on the curve, even 400mm on the curves became general.
As for my orders,
 400mm, 200mm and 100mm, all have ever been exported. People regard 400mm as big, 200mm medium and 100mm small.

In fact, in the inquiries, the customers usually can not state clearly, but you must need to know for exact quotation. Here is a small trick here:you can advise your customers to send  photos and make marks on the photo. 

Hope this article could help you know 3D Fence better. If you still have questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. Your suggestions and comments will be highly valued.


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